Oasis – Blue (Type1)

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Oasis – Handmade all rounder SUP with real bamboo inlay. Designed to provide users extra stability on flat water up to small waves from Beginner to Advanced.






4 5/16″



Product information updated: 8/7/2019
Shogun Surfing: handmade paddleboard, SUP, surf accessories, bamboo fibreglass paddleboards.

Product Description

Oasis 10’0″ Construction

Our fantastic handmade all rounder Epoxy/bamboo SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) is great for everyone, beginner to advanced. You’ll be able to glide across flat water, hammer through chop, surf waves and stay balanced.

Dimensions: 10’0″ x 32 ” x 4 5/16″
Volume: 174 l
Construction: Handmade SUP with EPS closed cell core with real bamboo inlay, 2 layers of 6oz fibreglass both on deck and bottom with a 6oz fibreglass reinforcement layer on foot patch (area under the traction pad) and 4oz fibreglass reinforcement around the fin box, finished with a layer of UV resistant epoxy all over.

At Shogun Surfing, we pay great attention to details to not only the technical aspects of our surfboards or stand up paddleboards, such as the rocker, volume and durability, but also the treatment of the graphics/ design of the boards.

Real bamboo strips running through the entire length of the board both on deck and bottom

Details of bamboo strip fitting around the fin box

Bamboo strip close-up, showing details of the natural wood grains

With our handmade Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), instead of the bamboo looking plastic veneer, we have lavishly used real bamboo strips on both deck and bottom of the boards. The natural wood grains of the bamboo is not only visually pleasing, it makes the boards lighter and also adds to the strength and durability of the boards. This requires concentration and steady hands to painstakingly secure the bamboo strips onto the boards before sealing in with fiberglass for added strength and protection against the elements.

Intricate design of our traction pad

Traction pad details on tail of the paddle board

Contoured inset handle placed at the centre of gravity for comfort and ease of carrying the board

Close-up of the traction pad showing the diamond pattern

Bright colours are used on the rail and for the traction pad. In our current range, the traction pad is a two toned design with 2 contrasting colours, this again requires detailed work as the two different colours of traction pads are cut to intricate shapes and patched together, it is extremely demanding as the shapes of the pads must match our design accurately and the diamond pattern of the pad need to be aligned precisely.

Although details like this may be easily replaced by spray painting one single piece of traction pad, but we have decided to demonstrate our attention to details through even the slightest differences in the finishing touches.

Additional Information

Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 312 x 89 x 15 cm
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