Shogun Design

10 May 2016

At Shogun Surfing, we regard each surfboard as a piece of artwork, not only because of the craftsmanship involved in creating surfboards with the shapes and curves to achieve optimum profile, but also with the graphic design on the boards.
We believe that a surfboard is also an extension of a surfer’s individuality, therefore when creating surfboards, in addition to considering the durability and functionality of the boards, we also take great care in creating the artwork.
We commission artists to create unique graphics to be placed on our surfboards, they are original, stylish and fun!
Each design was created from scratch, ie, putting pencil to paper. Starting from the inception of ideas for the imagery, and process of elimination and selection, through lengthy discussion and numerous alteration right down to the shade of colour and curvature of lines, was then the design finalised. All our surfboards and SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboards) excluding the Hammer series SUP’s are hand made.
The photos here demonstrate the original sketch of one of Shogun Surfing surfboards, along with some designs and colour schemes that were rejected during discussion and market research, and also the final products resulting from the design.

The original sketch of Shogun Surfing Samurai Series surfboards.

The original sketch of a proposed version for the Samurai Series.

Final design of the Samurai Series surfboards.

Contemplating the colour scheme.

Trial colour scheme, rejected.

Trial colour scheme, rejected.

Final Products: Shogun Surfing – Samurai series Surfboards.

Shogun Surfing – 7’6″ Fun/ MiniMal Surfboard – Samurai

Shogun Surfing – 7’2″ Fun/ MiniMal Surfboard – Samurai

Shogun Surfing – 6’8″ Fun/ MiniMal Surfboard – Samurai