Shogun Graphics

23 May 2016

At Shogun Surfing, we pay great attention to details to not only the technical aspects of our surfboards or stand up paddleboards, such as the rocker, volume, profile and durability, but also the treatment of the graphics/ design of the boards.

Take our handmade surfboards for an example, we design our own graphics and commission artists to materialise our designs, each design is meticulously hand drawn and transferred to digital imagery before placing onto our boards. Looking from afar, they are pieces of eye catching surfboards, and up close it can be appreciated like a masterpiece of painting, each brush stroke can be clearly seen through the transparent layers of fiberglass. It is fair to say that our surfboards are pieces of surfable art.

With our handcrafted Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), instead of the plastic veneer with bamboo pattern printed on it, we have lavishly used full length real bamboo inlays both on deck and bottom of the boards. The natural wood grains of the bamboo is not only visually pleasing, it makes the boards lighter and also adds to the strength and durability of the boards. This requires concentration and steady hands to painstakingly secure the bamboo strips onto the boards before sealing in with fiberglass for added strength and protection against the elements.

Bright colours are used on the rail and for the traction pad. In our current range, the traction pad is a two toned design with 2 contrasting colours, this again requires detailed work as the two different colours of traction pads are cut to intricate shapes and patched together, it is extremely demanding as the shapes of the pads must match our design accurately and the diamond pattern of the pad needs to be aligned precisely.

Although details like this may be easily replaced by spray painting one single piece of traction pad, but we have decided to demonstrate our attention to details through even the slightest differences in the finishing touches.