Shogun Surfing is an Australian company, and all of our surfboards and SUP’s (or Stand Up Paddleboards) are designed in Australia. We have handmade boards to meet individual needs, catered for skill levels from beginner to advanced, and suitable for a whole variety of surf conditions. Although Shogun Surfing is an online surf shop, we also have a warehouse located in Sydney and is open to the general public. However, it is always a good idea to call ahead before your visit, making sure our friendly staff attend the warehouse and prepare the appropriate products for your visit.

In light of the recent global surfboard and surfing related industries, surfers seem to have an abundant selection of surfboards to choose from, however, apart from the technical aspects, such as the material used, volume, rocker and bottom curvature, shape of the tail, etc., which rightfully have the utmost importance in surfing and we take great care in determining the best combination of those factors to deliver performance and durability. However, at Shogun Surfing we feel that there is still some element lacking …..

The inspiration of designing our own boards comes from the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, colourful skateboards flying all over the skating rink, and the creative mural wall attracting locals and visitors alike, in contrast, surfboards on the beach seem to be less eye catching as the idea of a surfboard seem to be just a functional piece of sporting equipment and nothing more.
In addition to the performance of the board, surfers should be able to choose a board that would also express their individuality. With this thought in mind, Shogun Surfing commissions artists to interpret our designs we aspire to, we want our designs to stand out from the rest, painting the boards with interesting graphics and bright colours.

Although faced with the competition from retail stores, major brand boards, second hand boards and factory direct dealers, we still believe that surfers deserve more options, and we are here to offer hand crafted surfboards that perform under various surf conditions and suitable for different skill levels including beginner at a very competitive price.

There are also individual shapers making custom boards, which is almost a lost art, and we admire the time and effort they put into in producing even a single board. In comparison, Shogun Surfing does not mass produce, instead produce a limited number of boards on each design. With the exception of our Hammer series SUP’s, which are moulded acrylic/epoxy boards, all our surfboards and SUP’s are 100% handmade except for the EPS core CNC precision shaping process. It is a constant act of balance to consider cost and performance, we strive to deliver performance and style at affordable prices, therefore limited production is the most viable option.

If you are in the market for a board that performs well and looks good, Shogun Surfing surfboards or Stand Up Paddleboards would be a great option for you!